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Our Clients

NACOBA Consultants Ltd provides consulting services to both the public and private entities including:
  • Public and Private Institutions
  • Private Companies
  • NGOs and CBOs
  • Learning Institutions
  • Multinational Agencies and
  • Individuals

Selected Projects

  1. Design Review and Construction Supervision of 3 Waterborne Toilets at Namilyango College.
  2. Design and Construction Supervision of Main Gate and Internal Access Road at Namilyango College.
  3. Investigation/Restoration of a Malfunctioned (Motorized) Well at Namilyango College.
  4. Undertaking an Environmental Project Brief for the Proposed Construction of Main Gate and Tarmacking of Internal Access Road at Namilyango College.
  5. Preparation of a 5-Year (2019-2023) Strategic Plan for NACOBA SACCO
  6. Surveying; Architectural, Structural, Electromechanical Design and Cost Estimation for Residential Apartments in Nsambya-Kampala.
  7. Architectural/Structural Design and Cost Estimation for a Residential House in Wakiso.